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Research & business. Spin-off of the University of Molise (Unimol), 110 Laude is an innovative start-up operating in fintech sector, based in Campobasso, Molise, Italy.


Survive the hard-times. Through the use of digital technologies, big data and artificial intelligence, we develop solutions to make financial management easy and understandable in an immediate, simple and comprehensive way. Our main goal is to grant the most appropriate financial tools for MSMEs and to ensure control over the relevant KPIs.


Planning for the future. We continuously provide monitoring of the financial situations also through forward-looking credit ratings under different scenarios.


Quality over quantity. We are developing AI-powered decision support system (DSS) based on high-quality data.


Control versus uncertainty. Thanks to our solutions MSMEs save time and money receiving continuous support before decisions are made.

Lab Activities


Our current solution is based on software developed by Professor Michele Modina, founder of 110 Laude, which has been subjected to continuous enrichments over time. The software is used, through a license agreement, by up to 1000 Italian MSMEs and networks of credit brokers.

Research and development

110Laude’s research interests mainly concern the management of the investment and financing techniques focused on the relationship between banks and firms, particularly for MSMEs. In the light of the introduction of new assessment model credit, 110 Laude integrates existing credit risk predictive models with multiple hard and soft information through the use of machine and deep learning techniques.

Technology Strategy & Advisory

With the aim of pursuing its goal of bringing innovative solutions in the fintech sector to the market 110Laude has developed strong in-house expertise in technology with a particular focus on cross-platform application development, API software, artificial intelligence models, and machine and deep learning techniques.


Business analysis

Leverage our comprehensive and insightful business analytics to drive informed decision-
making and strategic growth.


Experience the transformative power of our cutting-edge digital capabilities, tailored to
enhance your digital presence.


Unlock new horizons with our advanced artificial intelligence solutions, designed to optimize
processes and empower data-driven innovation.

Strategic and Operating Team

Research Team



University of Molise, Department of Economy ( The BIFE Laboratory - Bifelab ( FYNAID (

Grants and awards

ESRC Impact Acceleration Account, 2021. Project title: SME credit risk assessment: The role of market and accounting information. Rotary Club, 2021. Innovative start up award.


“Cooperative credit banks and sustainability: Towards a social credit scoring”, Zedda Stefano, MODINA Michele, Gallucci Carmen (2024), Research in International Business and Finance, vol. 68
“Diagnosing default syndromes: early symptoms of entrepreneurial venture insolvency”, MODINA Michele, Zedda Stefano (2023), Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, vol. 30, no. 1, p. 186-209
“Predicting SMEs’ default risk: evidence from bank-firm relationship data”, MODINA Michele, Pietrovito Filomena, Gallucci Carmen, Formisano Vincenzo (2023), Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, p. 254-268
“Trade credit and firm investments: empirical evidence from Italian cooperative banks”, Filomeni Stefano, MODINA Michele, Tabacco Elena (2022), Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 1- 43
“Financial ratios, corporate governance and bank-firm information: A Bayesian approach to predict SMEs’ default”, Gallucci C., Santulli R., Modina M., Formisano V. (2022), Journal of Management and Governance


110 Laude s.r.l.
Via Francesco De Sanctis, 86100 Campobasso (CB)

REA: CB-211814
C. F. / P. IVA: 01868050707

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